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Lähettäjä kimisti aiheesta Helmi 12 2011,11:45
pikainen kyssäri kun en jostain syystä searchilla löytänyt...

myynnissä on 02 Busa mutta...eikös...

-02  putkiston väliputket ole kirkkaat
-02  omaa ecua pystyy säätämään

vai olenko jo unohtanut autuaasti perusasiat?
muutkin lisäerot tietty saa laittaa.

sillä vaan ettei tulis talliin väärää vuosimallia...


Lähettäjä jarim aiheesta Helmi 12 2011,12:53
Tuossapa ne erot tiivistettynä on. Kuviointi katteissa sama mutta värit erit.
Lähettäjä kimisti aiheesta Helmi 12 2011,13:39
jees, kiitos varmistuksesta!

Eli tämän tapauksen pyörä on sitten vaan ns. "ylivuotinen"

Tämän saa puolestani poistaa.

Lähettäjä MGa aiheesta Helmi 12 2011,13:44
Model development

Suzuki GSX1300R-X, 1999
An in-line four cylinder liquid-cooled engine is fitted, with drive to the double overhead camshafts, which actuate the four valves per cylinder, by chain. The hydraulically-actuated clutch is a wet multi-plate unit with conventional springs. The transmission is a six-speed constant-mesh unit. Drive to the rear wheel is by chain and sprockets.
The lubrication system has a single rotor pump and a radiator-type oil cooler.
Fuel is supplied to the electronic injection by a pump housed outside the fuel tank. The pump housing incorporates the fuel filter internally and the pressure regulator externally, and there is a strainer inside the tank and mounted on the fuel cock. The ignition system is fully electronic, with both fuel and ignition systems being controlled by a single engine control module (ECM). Each throttle body has a single butterfly valve and single injector.

The air filter housing incorporates an intake air control valve system that restricts air flow at low engine speeds. A vacuum-controlled butterfly valve in the air filter housing starts to open at a pre-set engine speed of 2500 rpm, and closes when the speed drops below 2200rpm. A PAIR system reduces exhaust emissions by injecting air into the exhaust ports under certain engine conditions to Ignite unburnt fuel and so reduce emissions. The control valve for the system is actuated by a vacuum from the throttle bodies. The engine sits in an aluminum frame that uses the engine as a stressed member. Front suspension is by oil-damped upside-down telescopic forks with adjustable spring preload and both rebound and compression damping. Rear suspension is by aluminium swingarm acting via a three-way linkage on a single shock absorber. The shock absorber is adjustable for spring pre-load aid both rebound and compression damping.
The front brake system has two triple opposed piston hydraulic calipers, and the rear brake system has a single opposed piston hydraulic caliper.
The frame supports a four-piece full-fairing and a one-piece seat cowling.
A steering damper is fitted as standard. A centerstand is available as an optional extra.
Colors available were copper/silver, black/light charcoal, and red/black.

Suzuki GSX1300R-Y, 2000
The crankcase breather arrangement was changed, doing away with the oil catch tank and increasing the size of the breather housing. Coincidental to this was a decrease in engine oil capacity.
Clutch spring length was increased and the spring support bolt length was increased in accordance.
The fuel feed and return hoses were changed and re-routed. The design of the fuel level sensor and low level warning switch was changed.
Colours available were blue/silver, black/light charcoal, and red/grey.

Suzuki GSX1300R-K1,2001
The design of the cam chain tensioner was changed and the housing modified to receive an oil supply fed by hose from a union on the end of the front oil passage in the crankcase.
The fuel pump was changed from being externally mounted and positioned inside the fuel tank, again incorporating the fuel filter and pressure regulator, and also a mesh strainer and a new fuel level sensor and low level warning switch. The internal pressure regulator negated the need for a fuel return hose from the delivery rail on the throttle bodies, and consequently the supply hose and fuel delivery rail arrangement changed.
Colours available were blue/silver, black/light charcoal, and red/grey.

Suzuki GSX1300R-K2, 2002
The clutch plate arrangement was modified to incorporate an anti-rattle spring and spring seat. The clutch release cylinder piston and bore ware reduced in diameter. The exhaust system incorporated an oxygen sensor, which supplied information to the ECM and served to reduce exhaust emissions levels. The PAIR system control valve was actuated electronically via a solenoid valve that received its signal from the ECM,
Colours available were blue/black and silver/silver.

Suzuki GSX1300R-K3,2003
The starter motor idle/reduction gear train incorporated a torque limiter to dampen the initial torque through it and so reduce stress on the individual components.
Colours available were blue/black, silver/silver and blue/silver. The special Z version (GSX1300RZ-K3) had a black frame, swingarm and disc centres.

Suzuki GSX1300R-K4, 2004
There were no significant changes for 2004, although Suzuki launched a limited edition model that comes in bright red with a black frame, swingarm and wheel centres, and carries special emblems,
Colours available were blue/black, black/purple and silver/blue.

Tuommoiset oon joskus napannu koneelle jostain...
Sit K5:ssa on ainakin kirkkaat vilkut ja mielestäni oli johtosarjaan tullu muutoksia myös(ehkä vaan reittien osalta) ja tän jälkeen ei enää mitään muita kuin värimuutoksia gen1 osalta.

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