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Aihe: Exhaust noice in germany
aloittanut: Busa_Grenaa

Lähettäjä Guest aiheesta Marras 17 2008,19:12
Hi Ago

saw your posting on Hayabusa Germany, we drive a lot in Germany, and have never had a problem, we have heard stories too, but we don`t worry about it, newer got pulled over bc noice

Lähettäjä Agostini aiheesta Marras 17 2008,19:51
Yeah I've been there last summer and no probs with my LeoVince cans...

Lähettäjä jarim aiheesta Marras 17 2008,22:32
We were in Germany 2006 with my wife-in-law. Drove at evening almost-empty-autobahn around 200km/h towards a place where the autobahn ends in Gremersdorf. Must have sound loud and heard very long in a peaceful night. :) There was a police car parked at the place where the autoband ends. Two policemen were standing out the car, just looked, but didn't mind. Felt quite good, I was really laughing-out-loud in my helmet for the thought what would have happened in Finland in a similar situation. :laugh:
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